DECISION No.74/2013

KOSOVO JUDICIAL COUNCIL (KJC), at its 92nd meeting held on 10 June 2013, after review of proposal for appointment of International Legal Aid coordinators, based on the Law no. 03/L-223 on Kosovo Judicial Council took this: 

1.The International Legal Aid coordinators from the level of Basic Courts were   
2.The coordinators shall exercise the duties and responsibilities in compliance with legal provisions; 
3.The International Legal Aid coordinators are as follows:
          -Nora Bllaca – Basic Court in Prishtinë 
         - Zyhdi Haziri – Basic Court in Gjilan 
         - Xhevdet Elshani – Basic Court in Prizren 
         - Nikollë Komani – Basic Court in Gjakovë 
         - Lumturije Muhaxheri – Basic Court in Pejë
         - Sahit Krasniqi – Basic Court in Ferizaj 
         - Beqir Halili – Basic Court in Mitrovicë.
4. The decision enters into force by the day of its signature. 
Muharrem Shala
Deputy Chair
Kosovo Judicial Council 

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Kosovo Judicial Council, tomorrow, will launch a new web-portal. Therefore, we inform all media and public opinion that from tomorrow and on can use this web-portal, where inside you will find the links to all courts and its branches. More

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